Seed of Faith

As soon as I turned thirteen, I started dreaming of having my own place. I always told myself I’d have a cute little apartment by the time I turned eighteen (lol). Next thing I knew, I was nineteen, working my first job, thinking I could get my own place within a couple months. It didn’t take long before I realized I was going to have to step it up and make more for that to happen. So I got a job that paid better. Still didn’t happen. I feel like I made enough to share a space with a roommate, but I had to buy a car, after being without one for over a year. So there went those checks.

Year after year, I wondered if it would be the year it finally happened. And at the end of all those years, I always ended up nowhere near my goal. Most of the money I made went to my car payment, insurance, student loans, food, and my phone. I was making more money than I’ve ever made, and still couldn’t keep up. Reality was beginning to hit me hard. It wasn’t long before my hope of ever having my own roof turned into hopelessness. I would go in circles in my mind every day, trying so hard to find that, “Ah-ha!” moment that would make me successful enough to at least find a shabby studio apartment.

But it never happened. Nothing worked. It seemed like everywhere I looked was getting more and more expensive every day (which it is, being only thirty minutes away from Nashville. Why is Nashville so popular, again?).

My fiancé and I have saved, and saved, and saved, only to have something happen that took it away every time we started getting momentum. Cars breaking down, getting scammed, unexpected insurance increases, situation after situation kept getting in the way of our goal of having our own home.


Anyone who has known me in the last five or six years, knows about my obsession with the tiny house movement. I have spent countless upon countless hours dreaming, drooling, and pretend-planning my future tiny, scrolling endlessly through Tiny House Swoon’s website.

But I knew it was a far-fetched dream. I knew that the chances of us finding the right amount of land at our age was just a fairy tale. So I settled with simply hoping for anything. A trailer, an apartment, a small shabby house we luckily got a good deal on, a nice cardboard box. My tiny house dream was just that. Nothing more than a fantasy. It was way too much to ask from God. I’ve always had this negative belief that God doesn’t care about what I want. I just need to be thankful for what He provides and don’t bother asking for anything, because I have no place to. Who am to ask God for something as material as a cute tiny house?

I’m gonna give it one last shot. 

When I finally had the house to myself, I got down on my knees, and prayed.

God, you know the desires of my heart. You know my dreams, but you also know my plan. If this is not in your will for me, I accept. Father, I’m not asking for a gold-plated mansion on top of a hill. All I want is a cute shed on wheels in the middle of nowhere.

Genesis 15:1-2 (CSB)

15 After these events, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision:

Do not be afraid, Abram.
I am your shield;
your reward will be very great.

But Abram said, “Lord God, what can you give me, since I am childless and the heir of my house is Eliezer of Damascus?”

Weeks passed with no sign of answers. Feeling as though I’m running out of time to find a home, get married, and start a family, I was so overwhelmed with the feeling of being stuck in our current situation, feeling as though we were never going to get out of it. Living on our own and settling down was a dream of mine that was beginning to diminish rapidly. I began trying to reason with it, deciding that it just wasn’t in the cards for us. This is our life, and we just have to get over it. It was getting more and more difficult to get out of bed each morning. Just picking clothes up off the floor was an exhausting task. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, and just wanted to be alone. Sleep was all I could process, it was the only thing that comforted me as I wrestled with the unknown of our future.

My soon-to-be mother-in-law finally wanted to get out of me what was wrong, and I broke down crying as I rambled about everything I had been holding in for the last few weeks. I was just so frustrated with life not moving. With this rapidly growing desire to become a wife and mother, and with no answers or direction, I felt like God was giving me tough love. I truly felt hopeless, my faith was fleeting, and my expectations were low.

Before ending the conversation, she said to me, “God knows what you want. He knows you want to be a mother, and that you want your own place to live. He’s going to take care of you.” I nodded, told her thank you, and went back to bed feeling even more drained.

Genesis 15:5 (CSB)

He took him outside and said, “Look at the sky and count the stars, if you are able to count them.” Then he said to him, “Your offspring will be that numerous.”

Two weeks later, she knocked on our bedroom door, peeked her head in, and asked my fiancé if he’d told me yet.

Told me what?

She turned to me and said, “Remember how we were talking about how God just… does things?” Afraid to speak, I nodded.


My fiancé’s great grandmother has lived on these three acres of land since the sixties. She has this cute little house on the first acre that they built when they got the land, and has lived there ever since. I’ve been to her house several times and had no idea what lied beyond her backyard. I had no clue anything more was even back there.

Behind her house are the woods, including a creek, and another small (now abandoned, but very cool) house in the very back of the lot. For the last two years, she’s wanted to ask how we felt about inheriting the other two acres behind her house. But because she thought there was some particular reason we were still living with my fiancé’s parents, she kept it to herself. That is, until about a month ago, when she finally asked my mother-in-law what we might think about having that land.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we wanted it. Bad. We wanted to cry tears of joy and celebrate this incredible gift, but we were hesitant. A few years ago, we were in a situation where we thought we found a place, sent the deposit, and found out the hard way that we were scammed out of $500. It broke our hearts. Fearing that this would be a similar situation (not that we would get scammed, but that it just wouldn’t work out), we’ve put off all the excitement until it was officially in her will: signed, stamped, and legal. In the meantime, we went and checked out our possible future home.

Flat areas privately surrounded by trees and bushes, a bridge crossing the creek into the back lot, a rustic old swing where a new one would one day sit, a huge lot of open vibrant green land on the other side of the small fence, the sun peeking through all of this gorgeous, almost majestic, scene.

It’s perfect.

Not only is there a perfect spot for a tiny house, there are three perfect spots to choose from that we’ve already narrowed down to two. And not only does this land give us options for our future tiny, but it’s the actual perfect spot for a wedding ceremony.

How is this even real?

Galatians 3:29 (CSB)

29 And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, heirs according to the promise.

A couple weeks ago, our pastor did a sermon called Seed of Faith, where he talks about Abram’s fleeting faith in God’s promise to give him children. All these years had passed with no answers. But God renewed his faith, and God proved faithful.

I truly felt connected with Abram in this story, as I was beginning to lose faith in my future, altogether. The more God proves His faithfulness with this whole situation, the more I think of Abram and Sarai (later known as Abraham and Sarah. Coincidence?). How even though they had to wait an insane amount of years before anything finally happened, God still followed through.

This is the messiest my talk-notes have ever looked. It seemed like every word he preached was meant for me. I’ve heard of Abram and Sarai several times throughout my life, but I had no idea how much I’d ever relate to them. For anyone who needs encouragement, here’s a few things that spoke to me:

  • You have no idea what God may produce through a single seed planted in faith.
  • We tend to think addition, God thinks multiplication.
  • “If God met all of your expectations, He wouldn’t have the chance to exceed them.”
  • “Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean God’s not doing it.”
  • “Just because you don’t see the fruit,  doesn’t mean the tree hasn’t taken root.”

    Matthew 17:20 (CSB)

    20 “Because of your little faith,” he[a] told them. “For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of[b] a mustard seed, you will tell this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”[c]

Okay, God. This isn’t funny. If this is Your will, I will be filled with more gratitude than ever before in my life. If not, then I get it. You’ve shown what you can do and how quickly you can make things happen when it’s on Your time. But please, please, let this be your will.

I only told immediate family and two close friends, so we could have a few more prayers. I honestly didn’t even want to tell them, at all, until everything was said and done. I didn’t want to jinx anything or be embarrassed if nothing ended up happening.

After all the praying and anticipation, as of this past Monday, the will was signed, stamped, and is now official. We are now budgeting for a trailer to build on, making official design decisions, and praising God for this incredible gift.

Advice Tip #37: Even if you feel like you have nothing left in you to give, I urge you to give it one last shot. Pray your heart out to our Creator, give Him your worries and your desires. Ask for His help by giving you patience as you wait for His answer, and live by His timing. Abram only wanted a son, and God fulfilled His promise in more ways than Abram could fathom.

Have you planted a seed of faith? Are you watering and nurturing that seed by continuously seeking God and living by His Word? Or are you struggling and need encouragement? What is something you’re having to put a lot of faith towards lately, and what have you learned so far? How has God proven faithful in the past?

He has not forgotten you. He is there. And He knows.

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When We Fall

Well. This has been a week of slip-ups.

I’ll admit it, it hasn’t been the best week. I’ve snapped, I’ve cried, I’ve gotten sick, and I’ve had to apologize and learn things the hard way. I’ve had to step back, calm down, reassess, and admit that I was wrong.

That last one was the least fun.

One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I’m a very passionate person, and it can either better me or destroy me. It usually destroys me.

As I mentioned in a similar post a couple weeks back, something I need to work on is how quick I am to react to things, especially things that upset me. I’m quick to get fired up about things, end up saying things without thinking, and making a fool of myself. It’s a really cute look.

One of my biggest regrets in life is not standing up for myself when things got out of hand at school. And by that, I don’t mean picking fights. I mean taking a stand by simply removing myself from the toxic situation and going with the alternative route. As a result, I’ve gone from never saying anything and letting people walk all over me, to being a little too quick to express my anger and defend myself. Looking back at the events that unfolded throughout the week (except for getting sick. That was 100% the leftover frozen pizza), I think I can see God trying to prove something to me:

Hey, Angry Sarah, shut it.

Just so we’re clear, I’m not referring to rightful anger. I’m talking about the “I’m-not-getting-what-I-want”, and the, “You’re-wrong-I’m-right,” type of anger. The one that makes a fool out of you. The one that has made a fool out of me all week… And most of my life.


Proverbs 17:28 (ESV)

28 Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise;
    when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.

I love the line in Christian rapper NF’s song, All I Have, “I’m a Christian but I’m not perfect.” It solidifies that we all make mistakes. Everyone slips up.

But do we learn from them?

To be honest, I rarely do. And if I do, it takes a while. My blonde runs deep, and I get really bad rainbow wheel. As I’m reflecting on my actions in the last few days, I’m realizing just how big of a problem this is becoming for me, especially as a Christian.

Christians are held to a very high standard. We are watched very closely. Anything we say can and will be used against us. We are given very little room for forgiveness in the world. That’s why this week is showing me just how important it is for me to remember that.

I’m not worried about being perfect. I know I will fall short. I know I’m not perfect, that I will never be, no matter how strong my faith is or how many verses I memorize. But that’s one of the several beautiful things about our Savior: His grace.

He knows I’m going to make mistakes, that I have a problem with speaking before thinking, and for speaking too much. He already knows that we’re going to sin, but loves us and is patient with us, regardless. He takes these mistakes and helps us better ourselves.

Advice Tip #34: Slip-ups happen. Life happens. Mistakes happen. No one on this earth is perfect. But how we react to things, how we pick our battles, and the words we speak matter. Especially in today’s world. Take action to begin getting out of the habit of being too quick to respond by memorizing what the Word says about it. Every time you start to feel yourself getting fired up and find yourself wanting to react, remember what you’ve memorized. As for me and my habit, I’m putting the verse above on ALL the post-its.

What is a bad habit that you struggle with, and what do you think God is trying to do with that? Are you quick to react and say things you don’t mean? What verse have you chosen to memorize to help you battle these habits?

Thanks for reading,











Proverbs 27:9 (ESV)

Oil and perfume make the heart glad,
    and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel.

More and more lately I’m realizing how important relationships are. God calls us to fellowship with one another (1 Corinthians 1:9), and I’m beginning to really see why. It is essential for our faith to have Godly relationships.

God has blessed me with a best friend who has been by my side since we were 14. Words cannot express how thankful I am for her, and the closer we get, especially in our walk together in faith, the more I’m realizing God brought us together to do great things. He has provided a life companion who shares the same desire to deepen her relationship with Christ. I think I can speak for both of us that God is doing something with our friendship. We recently decided to start our own small group with just the two of us and her sister, starting out. We are SO excited and already have studies lined up. I can’t wait! It has really inspired me and encouraged me greatly to dig deeper into His Word and to invest more in my relationships.

Since re-dedicating my life to Christ, my relationships with my loved ones has flourished. When I wasn’t walking with God, I was angry, and took that anger out on them. I had a serious attitude problem and a terrible outlook on life, and was admittedly difficult to be around. I was a total fun-sucker. But God has softened my heart greatly, and has given me such a deeper appreciation for the people He has placed in my life.

Proverbs 18:19 (MSG)

19 Do a favor and win a friend forever;
    nothing can untie that bond.

Friendship is so important for our faith. The Word calls for us to lift each other up in Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. We cannot do this life alone. Furthermore, we cannot experience the full love of God without fellowship. We need each other. Whether you have one best friend, or many, He puts these people in our lives for a reason, and that is to lift each other up, encourage one another, spread God’s love together, pray for each other, strengthen each other’s faith, to hurt with you when life happens and to celebrate victories. Friendship is truly a heavenly gift.

Young Women Travel Together Concept

Anxiety can make it nearly impossible to make friends. I totally get it. It’s hard, it’s scary, and it can really hinder us of experiencing this precious gift. Our Father does not want us to be alone. Seek Him, first, and He will provide support. God is our friend, first.

Advice Tip #33: If your anxiety is standing in the way of reaching out and connecting with others, I want to share what has helped me step out of my shell. First of all, prayer. Prayer for confidence, strength, and peace. Then I decided to join the Host Team at my church which has been an open door to friendships. Working together with a team of people who are on the same mission makes for strong relationships. It’s much easier to start conversations and connect with others. After being on the team for a while, God called me to join a small group, which has deepened my relationships even more. Small groups are a great way to ease your way into getting to know people. It’s more intimate and personal, and it gives you accountability. If you’re not in one and don’t know where to look, my church can be a great place to start! Here’s where you can get more information about joining a group, or even starting your own!

If that’s too overwhelming for you to start out, try meeting up with a close friend or loved one on a regular basis to help you get comfortable with the concept of fellowship. You will really see God work in your relationship. It’s incredible.

But, most importantly, you have a friendship with our heavenly Father. By studying His Word and seeking Him in the day-to-day, you will strengthen your confidence in not only yourself, but in Him. You will learn that you were put here for a divine purpose and He will not leave you on your journey. You will never be alone when you have Christ. You will always have someone to talk to and confide in. And He will send people to encourage you and lift you up. Just wait and see.

God desires a relationship with you and desires you to have relationships with others in order to give you strength in life. If you’re struggling with reaching out, have faith. Have hope. Pray. God will take care of you. He will comfort you, protect you, give you confidence, and lead you to people who will show you His love.

Psalm 25:14 (MSG)

14 God-friendship is for God-worshipers;
They are the ones he confides in.

Who has God placed in your life? What is keeping you from reaching out? How has He provided people for you in the past? Let’s lift each other up and build friendships through the comments! Let’s see what God will do! Ready, set, go!

Thanks for reading,





James 1:19-20 (ESV)

19 Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; 20 for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.

I’ve been battling anger this week. From road rage, to being short with loved ones, to hyper-focusing on small annoyances at work. I’ve been irritable.

I’ve always had a bit of an anger problem, I’ll be honest. I’d say that one of my biggest downfalls is that I’m quick to get angry. It’s not like I’m proud of it. Trust me, I hate this quality of mine. I’ve always admired calm, cool, and collected people. But the Enemy, man. He never shuts up! Always pointing out every teeny tiny annoying thing every random person does. Suddenly, he has absolute control over my vision and all I can see are all the annoying things people do.


I’ve given so much to God. I’ve changed so much because of Him, and I’ve grown and learned and matured. But the Enemy knows this is probably my biggest weakness, and he is not letting go. No, sir. Not now, not never.

Or so he thinks.

In the midst of dealing with this weight of anger, I was having a really hard time focusing on my blog. But God shoved that idiot, Satan, out of the way, and showed me that this is what I should share this week, instead of hiding in it.

Who’s ready to deal with their anger?

I was recently gifted a Halley’s Bible Handbook. Apparently, I’m the only Christian who didn’t have one, so a dear friend of mine let me have an extra one of hers. Guys. You need this in your life, if you don’t have it, yet. For those of you, like me, who aren’t aware of what this is, it’s a Bible handbook that further explains each chapter of each book of the Bible for you. It’s so helpful!

So, as I was looking up verses for this week’s post, I looked up each one in the handbook to help me further decide which passages would be most helpful for this topic, and what I found for this next verse is totally post-it worthy.


Ephesians 4:26-27 (ESV)

26 Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, 27 and give no opportunity to the devil.

What I found was that this passage is talking about obtaining heavenly qualities. The list provided includes the following attitudes that best reflect the God we serve, and His kingdom:

  • Brotherly love
  • Hatred of evil (specially within ourselves)
  • Diligence
  • Joyfulness
  • Patience
  • Prayerfulness
  • Hospitality
  • Sympathy
  • Concern for that which is honorable
  • Peaceable
  • Without resentment

Write these down, and put them somewhere close and visible. Here, take a post-it, I have plenty.

But seriously, what if everyone constantly practiced these attitudes every day? The world would be a much different, much more heavenly place. As Christ-followers, we need to be that piece of heaven that so many people are living without. We are called to be that light. We are reflections of heaven, and others need to see that.

Satan is going to do everything in his power to make you only see the bad and the ugly. He has chained me to this terrible habit of dwelling on the inconvenient, the curveballs, the past, and the abundance of earthly imperfections. But I’ve had enough with letting him shout over God’s guidance.

I’ve always known that my anger gets me nowhere. It’s not a good look. It makes me unapproachable, it ruins my day, it’s unhealthy, and worst of all, it’s giving in to Satan. It’s time to get serious about working on this part of myself, and if you’re someone who struggles with anger like I do, you should, too.

Advice Tip #32: Ephesians 4:26-27 tells us that it’s okay to be angry. It is! It means you’re feeling something, and it can be healthy. But don’t give the Enemy control over your life by staying that way. It will lead you away from God and His path and make you blind to the good in life.

What are some heavenly qualities you could add to this list? Are there any that stick out to you? What is something that quickly angers you, and how are you going to start fighting back?

Cling to God’s truth. Remember that the Enemy is going to do everything he can to lead you away from Him. Don’t give in, we’ve got this.

Thanks for reading,





In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought we could shed some light on those who don’t feel so loved, not just on Love Day, but on other days, as well. I want to reach out to those who feel like they’re the only ones; to the ones who feel like they don’t deserve love, especially a love as perfect as God’s.

Anxiety and depression are so ironically lonely. So many people suffer from one or the other or both, yet sometimes it seems like no one ever understands where you’re coming from. If so many people suffer, why does it seem like everyone around you has it all together?

I get it. I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like to feel betrayed by people who claimed to be my friends. I know what it’s like to be left out more and more every occasion, to be the only one who didn’t get invited. I know how it feels to lose people, how it feels like absolutely no one cares at all. Like I could disappear without a single soul noticing.

Feeling lonely has this way of making us think that something is wrong with us. Like we’re not good enough. As humans, we were created to do life together, so it’s only natural for us to feel off when we lack close relationships.

But what if God could strengthen you during that time? What if He’s using that time of being alone as an invitation to sit with Him? What if that loneliness can be turned into a secret power, a super strength?

When you take advantage of your time alone to spend with our Father, your time will not be wasted. You will grow, you will flourish, and you will find purpose.

That time alone will turn into a divine appointment with our Savior. Our Savior who desperately wants a thriving relationship with you. When you invest your time alone with Him, that empty void of loneliness will be filled.

But you’ll also notice something else. One by one, God is going to put people in your life. And those people are going to walk with you on your journey through faith. They’re going to help you, lift you up, pray for you, share life with you, and love on you. Those people were picked out by our heavenly Father to help us get through life together.

Genesis 2:18 (ESV)

18 Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”


Advice Tip #31: You are not alone. You were not created to be alone. You are significant. You have a divine purpose. You make up part of Christ’s body. Sometimes we end up by ourselves, but we won’t stay that way. During those times of loneliness, remember that our God does not leave us or forsake us. He is always with us. He will not let you go through life alone. If you’re currently facing a time of loneliness, I pray that He opens your eyes to the divine opportunity sitting before you. The open invitation to sit with Him and receive His love and guidance. Use your time alone to grow spiritually. Use that time to grow your relationship with God. He will turn that loneliness into an open door. An open door to thriving relationships with Him and His people.

God provides. He provides food, shelter, clothing, love, refuge, strength, forgiveness. And He provides people. His people. And sometimes, even His angels.

Hebrews 13:1-2 (ESV)

Let brotherly love continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

You never know who God is going to place in your life. Remember that you are not alone in your loneliness. There are far too many people in this world who feel alone. Consider every person who crosses your path as someone God sent to help you. Be open to others. Be kind, show love, give.  You never know, your next best friend could be an angel.

Are you facing a time of loneliness? How are you using that time? What could you work on to better prepare yourself to be someone’s friend? What are some ways you can reach out to others who are also feeling lonely? How has God used that alone time to shape you? Leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading,





(Un)Answered Prayers

Hebrews 11:6 (ESV)

And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.

Faith is becoming more and more of a “thing” in my life. I’ve mentioned the importance of faith several times throughout my posts, including the lack thereof being a possible factor in my recent, seemingly unanswered, prayers.

God has a funny way of responding to us. He also has a funny way of making us wait. But He also has this really funny way of responding to us while we wait.

If you’re alive, you’ve probably heard some variation of the ancient proverb, “Silence is golden.” Although I couldn’t find any confirmation, I wonder if this phrase ever had anything to do with waiting for answered prayers.

In this case, silence is pure golden. This is when we learn. This is when faith is needed the most. This is when God can really show Himself.

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are few things that are heavy on my heart, one of them being a home. I’ve been praying for years and years for my own roof over my head, and I’ve never gotten an answer.

Or have I?

The silence I’ve gotten in return is the answer. But it won’t always be. Every situation is leading me to the future home He’s preparing for me. In the meantime, I’ve got some growing to do.


James 5:7 (ESV)

Be patient, therefore, brothers,[a] until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, being patient about it, until it receives the early and the late rains.

Just like the farmer waits patiently and faithfully for the fruit to grow, I’m waiting for the, “Okay,” to begin the process of building my future home. The seed that has been planted is the desire growing strongly within me, and I have to water and care for it with faith, before it becomes a reality.

Even though some days are more painful than others, I’m so thankful for this waiting period. Waiting to see what God is going to do next is exhilarating. Watching Him orchestrate these events that are leading me to this next chapter in my life has inspired me and has been the fuel to my spiritual fire, and I am so thankful that I get a front row seat.

Not only has this inspired me to strive towards building my faith, but I know that when the time finally comes for me to officially announce and share this incredible story, it’s going to be the inspiration that someone out there needs. Someone like me, who thinks she’s not worth God’s time or answers.

Advice Tip #30: There is no such thing as an unanswered prayer. The silence could be God telling you to wait for now. Think about what He’s trying to teach you while you wait. How can you work on your faith and strengthen your relationship with Him in the meantime?

Although nothing is official, yet, God is starting to hint possibilities for this long-awaited desire of mine. He is answering just enough to strengthen my faith, to keep me holding on. And even if this particular situation doesn’t work out, for whatever reason, He’s still proven that He can do literally anything in the blink of an anxious eye.

But right now, I have to wait. Because that is God’s current will for me. Right now, He has me exactly where I need to be, and when the time is right, when He knows I’m ready, He will provide.

What is something God is being silent about in your life? What do you think He wants you to do while you wait? What have you learned so far?

Thanks for reading,



The Plan

Plans. We make them, we sometimes follow through, and sometimes they fall through. We make different plans every day, big and small.

First off, what is a plan, exactly? The word has a few hand-in-hand definitions: (n) a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something, (n) an intention or decision about what one is going to do, (v) to decide on and arrange in advance, (v) and to design or make a plan of (something to be made or built).

Two nouns and two verbs. Does anything stand out about the way the two are grouped together? After looking at them for a few minutes, I had a funny thought: We’re the nouns and God is the verbs.

It’s okay, you can think I’m weird. I’ll explain. We, as imperfect humans, make our own plans for our lives, with the expectation of following through with most of those plans. We write them out, make goals, and strive (detailed proposal). Our lives are revolved around these plans. Almost every decision we make is based off what we want for ourselves (intention or decision about what you’re going to do).

But God, on the other hand, has our whole lives planned, from beginning to end, before we’re even born (to decide on and arrange in advance). He is the ultimate designer of every single aspect of our lives, who created us in His image, to glorify and bring people to Him (to design or make a plan of).

Here, lately, I’ve been wrestling with God’s plan for me. More like wrestling with not knowing God’s plan for me.

I recently turned 26, and not even a full month into the new year, I’ve already had a minor slightly-over-quarter-life-crisis. I feel like I’m running out of time. I’ve always planned on being married, having a home, and becoming a mother by 30. Feeling as though I am nowhere near achieving any of those things, and being fully aware of the ticking clock, I broke down. I’m becoming more impatient every year, feeling as though everyone around me who is my age has it all together. Marriages, houses, kids, careers.

God, when is it going to be my turn?


Jeremiah 29:11 (ESV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

During my week of weakness, a loved one reminded me of the fact that God knows what I want in life. He knows that I’m struggling, that I’m ready to be an adult, and have a growing desire to become a mother. He also knows what is needed in order for those things to happen. He knows what is best for me. My plan is not His plan.

I have been praying my heart out for direction, for a righteous discomfort that leads me to a purpose-filled life; for a vision, a nudge, or that life-changing, “A-ha!” moment. What is it going to take?


Being a major control freak, faith does not come easily for me. But maybe this is God’s way of showing me that before I’m ready for those stages of life, I have to develop a solid faith. I have to prove it. And in order to prove it, I have to use what He’s already given me. I have to use my past, what I do know, to strengthen my future.

So, I’ve been studying anything I can. Reading the books He’s provided, studying the devotionals, watching the inspiring testimonies on YouTube, making the conscience effort to reach out and connect with the people He’s placed in my life recently. These are the tools I’ve been given: His Word and His people.

Advice Tip #29:  When life is going in the opposite direction of your plan, think about what God is trying to show you, and don’t lose faith. Recognize who and what He’s placed around you and act on those things. As long as you’re actively seeking God, you’re going in the right direction.

Jeremiah 29:12-13 (ESV)

12 Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. 13 You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.

Has there ever been a time in your life when God’s plan interceded your own? Are you experiencing that now? What do you think He’s trying to show you? What tools have you been given?

Don’t give up. Don’t think for a second that He’s forgotten about you. He knows. He already has your entire life written, and it’s a beautiful story.

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Wow, it’s good to be back! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. Welcome to 2018!

A couple days ago, I made a personal post on my Facebook about my hiatus from the blog, and the bumpy road that is the end of 2017/beginning of 2018. My family and I are facing some really stressful times. I’ve been really confused. I’ve been scared. I’ve been hurt. You ever get that feeling like your life is about to be shaken up and shifted and you’re just kind of waiting for it to hurry up and happen? That’s me.

I’ve been consumed with so much fear lately. Fear of having to see my parents move to a different state. Fear of my parents moving, at all, and just thinking about seeing another family live in the home that I grew up in. Fear of my future. Fear of the unknown, fear of my past mistakes and decisions that are now coming into full effect. I messed up. And for a few days now, I’ve felt this overwhelming weight of “it’s too late,” just sitting on me.

What do I do?

Psalm 23:1-4 (ESV)

The Lord Is My Shepherd

A Psalm of David.

23 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
    He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.[a]
    He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of righteousness[b]
    for his name’s sake.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,[c]
    I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
    your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.

A few weeks ago at church, my mom and I were talking to a truly sweet soul who was giving us details about a Bible study. As we gave her our numbers, she sent us a text (so we could have her number) and she texted my mom a word and me a word. I honestly can’t remember what she sent my mom, but she sent me the word, “Blessing.” Although at first, she was just thinking of a word to send for a text, I can’t help but feel like God placed that word on her heart to give to me.

Blessings are so much taken for granted. Half the time, they aren’t even noticed. Blessings come in all shapes, sizes, and circumstances. They’re honestly everywhere, and I need to be more open to them. Too often, I am blinded by the hum-drum of every day life and completely miss the little things. Not only that, but I stomp my feet when things aren’t so sunny, and that’s foolish, considering how much our Heavenly Father just gives to us. We are blessed every. Single. Day. Numerous times a day. Just waking up to a new day is a blessing. Every single day, in itself, is a blessing.


That word, blessing. It so perfectly describes this confusing, uncomfortable, painful season of life my family and I are in. This is a blessing. I don’t know how or why, yet. I don’t know His reasoning or His plan, but He does all things for our greater good. Even if that means we have to hurt for a few minutes.

Advice Tip #28: Don’t let go. Life isn’t supposed to be easy. In fact, life is just a huge learning lesson filled with blessings. Whatever you’re going through, big or small, you’re not in it alone. When life is getting confusing and you start to lose sight of His love and direction, find a quiet place to be still before our Father and ask Him to remind you of all His wonderful blessings. Ask Him to open your eyes so you can see everything around you that has been given. Once you learn to pick up on even the tiniest gestures, you’ll soon realize that no matter what season of life you’re in, it is a huge, beautiful, life-changing blessing.

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Becoming Grateful

Psalm 28:7 (ESV)

The Lord is my strength and my shield;
    in him my heart trusts, and I am helped;
my heart exults,
    and with my song I give thanks to him.


‘Tis the season of pure anxiety!

Money, crowds, money, family, money, Christmas lists, money, Christmas music, money. MONEY.

Both sides of my family (myself, included) are going through some really hard financial situations. Life has happened, and right now we’re not sure what God is doing. What we thought was an answered prayer for my side of the family ended up becoming a bit of a nightmare.

I came across this verse as I was trying to figure out what to write for this post, and it really stuck out to me. Although right now is a tough and scary time for my family, God is still our shield. He is our Provider, and He will never not take care of us.

Sometimes that means making sacrifices. This year, my family and I are giving up Christmas. Instead of spending money on each other, we’re going to have a nice small dinner and family time. And I’m more than okay with this! Not only does it take the pressure off of having to spend money that we don’t have, but it brings the focus back to the true meaning of Christmas. The birth of our Savior.

“In Him my heart trusts, and I am helped.” Life isn’t always going to be easy, and the Bible warns us of that. But we have help. And when we put our full trust in that help, He will intervene. Lately, I’ve had to put every ounce of trust in Him. I’ve broken down emotionally, I’ve lost sleep, I’ve worried about my family. But I know He will get us through it. I also know that it’s on His watch, and not ours, which is a hard thing to grasp and trust in.

Needless to say, my anxiety has been tested quite a bit in the last month. But you know what has helped me see through all this? Gratitude.


Every time I feel myself getting worried, I think back to how God has gotten us through every difficult time, and how now will be no different. I think of everything He has blessed me with: a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, food and water, family, love, and so on. We have so much to be thankful for. When you look around at all that He has provided for you, your heart becomes so full that you realize you don’t need anything else. You have it all in Him. And He gives all year around!

I know Christmas is a hard time for a lot of people. My family and I struggle every year. There is more pressure this time of year than any other time. It can be the most painful time of year, for some. And I want those people to know that it’s okay. It’s not about the material gifts, but about Jesus beginning His life here on earth. The life that ended in salvation and victory.

Advice tip #27: We have everything we need in Christ, and more. Our sins have been forgiven and our lives made new. We have a refuge, a Comforter, a Provider, a Healer, a Savior. We have a Father, and He has already given us the greatest gift of all. If this is the hardest season for you, you’re not alone. There is so much more to give than material things. You can give love, friendship, and hope. You can give good news to someone who has yet to receive it. That news is that Jesus was born to die for our sins. That we are forgiven, loved beyond comprehension, and cared for in every way possible.

No matter what you’re going through, I hope this Christmas is special for you. I pray that you feel God’s love and that He opens your eyes to all the gifts He provides.

Thanks for reading,


Anxious Beauty


We all have insecurities, both inward and outward. I’m insecure about my nose, and my social anxiety. I’ve always been insecure about the way I look. I avoided the mirror all through high school, because I didn’t want to know how I looked all day, because I knew I wasn’t going to be happy with it, regardless.

As I mentioned in my testimony, God was completely out of the picture during that time. I did not see myself in a good light. All I saw was ugly, hurt, and worry. The times I would look in the mirror I would get stuck picking at every part of myself: My fried hair, the way my eyes are shaped, my big nose, my acne, how people must have thought of me all day and how much of an awkward weirdo I was. I truly hated myself and it radiated. It reflected on my attitude, my faith and lack thereof, my actions, and my appearance.

I’ve gone through many phases when it comes to my looks, in attempt to hide my insecurities of my nagging anxiety telling me I wasn’t enough, few of them being appropriate. Ratchet, I think is the word. I finally cleaned up a year and a half ago when I found myself in God again. I wanted to because I saw a different version of myself, and no one was taking me seriously because of the way I looked (and acted). I wore far too revealing everything without a care in the world, hoping that it hid the unacceptance of myself. I was acting and dressing in no way that pleased God. The more I seek Him, the better I want to represent Him. So I cleaned myself up, started wearing appropriate clothes, changed my attitude, and started smiling more.

When I let God back in, He showed me who I could be, including what I looked like. What I saw was the complete opposite of what I was. But the more I grew my faith, the more of that person I became, and I started to see myself through His eyes, instead of mine.


Our anxiety makes us beautiful, because it points us to our Creator. When you step aside and see your anxiety as something God gave you, and embrace it, it ignites this light in you that is reflecting Him, and you will shine.

God loves us no matter what we look like, no matter what kind of illness we may or may not have. The King of the universe thinks that each of us are uniquely beautiful. That means each of us have our own beauty that He created. And when you really think about that, that’s kind of insane. We are insanely beautiful!

Isaiah 64:8 (ESV)

But now, O Lord, you are our Father;
    we are the clay, and you are our potter;
    we are all the work of your hand.


Advice Tip #26: Be kind to yourself, treat yourself as if you’re someone else and know that you are uniquely beautiful. Try to smile at yourself, respect yourself, and focus on all the good things about you, the things you like about the person you see. See yourself how you think your Creator sees you, as the beautiful work of art you truly are.

Thanks for reading,